The future demands bold action.

Now isn't the time to sit back, it's a time to act. Audi is pushing towards a more sustainable future with improved manufacturing processes and material choices that reduce environmental impact. Transportation is the number one source of climate pollution in the United States, and the automotive industry must evolve to combat it. Audi's focus begins with the Audi e-tron® and hybrid lineups and continues with looking across all that can be done for more sustainable approaches. 
Sustainability is not just a goal. It's a mindset.
Audi's goals:


reduction in Audi of America's net carbon footprint by 2025 compared to 2019.
Net carbon-neutral production

All Audi production facilities are planned to be certified net carbon-neutral by 2025.


of the U.S. model lineup is planned to be full battery electric or plug-in hybrid by 2025.
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